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stay with me, Arthur


Merlin Reincarnation AU - inspired by  

After so many years, Merlin and Arthur finally found each other.  Only this time, Arthur wouldn’t let another war separate them again.  Not after everything they’d been through.

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{ roadtrip gone awry }

Author: noobishere
Type: modern AU
Rating: NC-17

Merlin thought a roadtrip with Arthur would be fun.

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In which Merlin teaches Arthur how to use an iPhone.

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T H E M E:  D a r k  | H o r r o r


This is my second time doing a halloween rec of these two clotpoles and I’m so happy!

  and remember: support their authors!


The empty prince series, by dogmatix
Above and beyond, by Wreck (merlin)
Darkness within, by loopstagirl (arthur)
Such a light, by thalialunacy
Heat, by Clea2011 (arthur)
Penance, by skellerbvvt (merlin)
Body, soul, & magic, by dante_s_hell (arthur)
Sacrilege, by Val_Creative (both)
Caged little bird, by Deminos (arthur)
Trained to remember, by chicago_ruth (merlin)
The tools at his disposal, by Reiya Wakayama (arthur)
Secrets, by cyus (merlin)
Make me yours, by ZairaA (arthur)
With bloodstained hands (justice is done), by beccadearie (both)
Darkly dreaming, by emmbrancsxx0 (arthur)
Erratum, by bloodsongs (merlin)
While lights were paling one by one, by pizarra (arthur)
A caged animal thus bites, by claudine (merlin)
Something about you, by cyus (arthur)
Lessons learned, by Netgirl_y2k (merlin)
Pendragon’s Darling series, by Deminos (arthur)
Angel and devil, by loopstagirl (merlin)
Phases, by lolo313 (arthur)
Till death do us part, by loopstagirl

Uninvited, by neuroticnick
Picture Perfectby Kiva Taliana
To lie down in green pastures, by teprometo
Such a light, by thalialunacy
The wild hunt, by aa_fic

 Other themes
          * Supernatural
Under the cover of darkness, by elirwen (vampire!merlin)
Hurry up and knot me, by myrandomnesslife (werewolf!arthur)
You know, sparkly vampires are cool, too, by kate0404 (vampire!arthur & vampire!merlin)
Vampire, by kathkin (vampire!merlin)
My cruel friend is a funeral bell, by samyazaz (banshee!merlin)
At Samhain, by ZairaA (ghost!arthur)
The right wind, by Avis_Shadow (ghost!merlin)
Middle of nowhere, Wales, by neuroticnick (vampire!merlin)
Talking About Monsters, by kathkin (werewolve!arthur & vampire!merlin) Prequel for Vampires and Werewolves and Flatshares, Oh My!
Forever series, by neuroticnick (vampire!merlin & vampire!arthur)

         *&n bsp;Apocalypse
Shadow of life, by samyazaz
The same emergency days, by emjayelle
When morning comes, by Starlingthefool
Learning things in the dark, by digthewriter
Hold on to what you are, by giselleslash
A lack of colour, by  myrmidryad
If you were the last man on earth, by definewisdom
Abide with me, by stripedpetunia
Grief knit thy hearts, by ms_notebook

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Arthur might be sleeping now, but somehow the horror stories made their way into his mind and well…let’s just say someone will be very needy in bed for a few days. or at least more than normal. 

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“ Happy early Halloween to my Tumblr followers~! :D Here’s a doodle for you, it goes something like this:
Every Halloween Merlin eats all the candy in the house meant for the trick-or-treaters, and this year Arthur is done with it. He...


Happy early Halloween to my Tumblr followers~! :D Here’s a doodle for you, it goes something like this:

Every Halloween Merlin eats all the candy in the house meant for the trick-or-treaters, and this year Arthur is done with it. He locks away all the Freddo Frogs and other sweets Merlin loves, and Merlin (who is a grown man and could, you know, buy his own candy) decides that the best course of action is to pull a reverse Dragoon and de-age himself to trick-or-treat his own home.

All goes well the first twenty times (because it’s Arthur after all), but as Merlin’s costumes become more and more obvious, Arthur finally catches on. :)

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The Student Prince by fayjay  fandom reread: July 10th

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{ the safety of pleasure }

Author: Loopstagirl
Type: canonverse AU
Rating: mature

He was supposed to be setting an example to his men. But he was just too tired.

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“ Fairy Tale(ish) Picspam → King Arthur


 → King Arthur

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with Tom Hiddleston as young!Uther

After Uther Pendragon, king of Camelot marries his one true love Ygraine, they find out that they can’t have children. To make sure there is a heir for the throne, they ask the powerful witch Nimueh for help. She is forced to let Ygraine die in childbirth in order to protect the balance of life and death. As a result Uther bans magic from the kingdom and swore to execute all those caught using sorcery.

I made her stand blindfolded in the window
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Finally got around to finishing my flowery ot4 sketches!

Ok so flowery headcanons (I know I know I have headcanons for literally everything i’M SORRY):

Gwen often goes out to pick wildflowers for Morgana, humming as she walks along, occasionally sticking a few of them in her hair (and blushing when she comes back and Morgana tells her that the flowers look prettier in her hair than in a vase).

Morgana likes to clip flowers from the palace gardens (against Uther’s wishes but she could care less) and string them into delicate flower crowns. She makes them for everyone. Maids, royals, even some of the knights who bow and say “Thank you, my lady” with a goofy smile and don them proudly.

Arthur often gets told to wear said flower crowns and he acts all miffed about it but he secretly likes them and how it makes Merlin stare at him like he’s a magical fairy child. Merlin even teases him one time and says “What a handsome princess you are” and Arthur gets so flustered and red he stutters his retort and then stomps off in embarrassment when Merlin starts laughing.

And Merlin conjuring magic flowers cause he can. 

**Please dont repost or remove credits!**

My DA // 

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{ ludus }

Author: rotrude
Type: historical AU
Rating: NC-17

Rome, 41 AD. Merlin, physician to Emperor Claudius, is assigned two new patients, gladiators from one of the local ludii. While one of them is open, flirty and talkative, the other isn’t. He bears no name, doesn’t discuss his past, and isn’t quite so accepting of Merlin’s bedside manner. He clothes himself in the stoic courage of those who know they’re about to die. Until Merlin works a chink in his armour.

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{ practice (sometimes) makes perfect }

Author: emjayelle
Type: canonverse AU
Rating: NC-17

The new slave is inadequate.

Arthur wants to never stop fucking him.

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My entry for the May/June challenge, for the prompt Merlin doing magic! [Alternate horizontal version here.]

I’ve wanted to draw Merlin with the Sidhe staff for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity. The story behind the image itself can be up to you—Court Sorcerer!Merlin? Dark!Merlin seeking revenge after Arthur’s death? Headcanon away, friends! [You can get prints of this and my other work at Society6—with free international shipping through June 30!]

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{ checking you out }

Author: neuroticnick
Type: modern AU
Rating: NC-17

Arthur doesn’t like libraries. But he does like the librarian.

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