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[insert clever title here]
Do you think you could draw a pretty zamasu

but Zamasu is always pretty

Imagine Gowasu bribing the Grand Priest w free Hamilton tickets and getting himself out of the Tournament of Power.

He’s gonna need a lot of tickets then, cuz I’m sure the Grand Priest will wanna take all his kiddos with him considering they’re all being spared from universal destruction and all

I want to draw you something, but i don't know what it should be D:

You’re pretty much guaranteed a win if it’s Nomi, any of my otps, or xenoverse (or any combination of the three lmao) XD

that goes for everyone lol

(I’m sure there’s other things too, but these are the main things I can think of at the moment XP)

what is your most favorite dragon ball super non-canon couples?

Vegito/Zamasu and Zamasu/Black for sure!! :D I also have a soft spot for Trunks/Black and Hit/Goku ^v^

the reason I didn’t say kakavege is because they aren’t my favorite anymore  (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

(keep in mind these are only from super, I have other otps for db as a whole like gogito and my xenoverse ships ^^)

why is it that hercule is able to befriend all these strong-horrifying-monsters? i mean in canon he befriends buu before he was even turned good yet, and we see in 1 of the games a what-if where he befriends broly and even manages to tell him to not kill goku, while he was in his legendary form, and broly obeyed and lived with hercule from that day on and protecting earth (he still get irratated when he sees goku). just give an intelligent monster to hercule and they'll become friends in no time

That’s Hercule’s ultimate technique, he’s the savior for a reason XDD

You know i thought of something. The sayians in U7 are warrior that fight just to kill people and have fun (most of the time), while those from U6 for the most parts are peacekeepers and fights for justice. If it's the same thing with the Namakians does that mean their super evil in U6 in a similar manner like arch devil Piccolo and Lord Slug? And that IF Kid Buu has a counterpart that he was born lawful good instead of chaotic evil?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out, cuz I haven’t a damned clue just how much U6 parallels U7 XP

I never got around to ask this, but why was there Turles and Goku Black with Nomi? (As in story-wise, i already know about the slot thing IRL)

I already did explain it briefly in-universe, but I guess it’s nice to expand more XP

Black and Turles were Nomi’s temporary team cuz all her husbands were stuck taking classes at the Patroller Academy before they were allowed to come back into the field, basically trying to get certifications and stuff since Conton’s protocols are different from TokiToki’s (I imagine much stricter and more structured, TokiToki was kind of a free-for-all lmao). Part of the reason was for them to get updated credentials, the other was cuz they were raising a fuss over all the new rules and regulations and got punished, so they had to do all their course work in person rather than having the option to do some of it online on their own time; being forced to sit in desks all day is pretty cruel for them XD Vegeta got in the most trouble since he’s a trainer and was willing to write off Nomi’s training with him as an automatic pass since she already completed it for marks once, so why should she have to do it again? (also cuz she’s his wife so of course he’s gonna do her a solid) He was pissed marks from TokiToki aren’t viable in Conton City, so all of his current students had to start all over again to be re-graded under the new system. So on top of the standard credentials, Vegeta had to re-certify himself as a trainer under Conton policies and got banned from training Nomi, so she was forced to train under a different Vegeta XD While Vegeta was slammed with extra work, it took Vegito and Goku awhile to get out cuz they were in the same classroom and kept goofing off/not paying attention, so they failed a lot of exams XDD They finally cracked down and got their shit together cuz they were sick of going to class every day, Goku ended up taking a little longer than Vegito cuz he doesn’t do well in exam situations with a written test XP


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was already friends with Nomi back in TokiToki, so they helped each other bullshit their way through their classes and cheated on all the online tests by using their notes so they could finish as soon as possible and they ended up getting out at the same time, so they stuck together and teamed up for PQ’s. Turles came into the mix cuz he’s Nomi’s favorite trainer in Conton, so she asked him to tag along with her and Black on PQ’s and of course he said yes X3

thoughts on Gomasu from dragonball fusions? Also what about an AU where instead of merged-Zamasu and Vegito, we have Gomasu-Black and Gogeta?

One of the few fusions that ISN’T fucking ugly to look at lmao XD I have no opinion beyond that cuz I don’t play fusions (ʘ‿ʘ✿) tbh it’s just another design for me to use for blackamasu babies XD 

I honestly have no idea how that au would work out, seeing as Gogeta has a different personality than Vegito, and lord only knows what Gomasu’s personality is like (again, I don’t play fusions, so I wouldn’t know). All that comes to mind at the moment is that they’d be less likely to bang as opposed to Vegito and Merged Zamasu lmao XDD


I feel as if Nomi would be a challenge.

Have you seen this lady fight? XD

Oh man, sorry it took me so long to publish this! Thanks for the cool art! :3